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CNC Machining Laser Marking & Laser Welding Wire EDM Metal Stamping Induction & Torch Brazing Bead Blasting Surface Grinding Metal Polishing Secondary Services

CNC Machining Services

JNS Industries specializes in CNC milling, turning and screw machining to produce high precision medical, dental and surgical parts. Our Ontario, CA facility houses 3- and 4-axis CNC milling centers with auto tool changers and 2-axis CNC lathes with bar feeder equipment that reduce downtime for increased production. We commonly machine a variety of stainless steel from billets, forgings and bar stock.

Each CNC machining center is directly wired to the computer which is equipped with CAM software such as Feature cam. The geometry is converted into the tool path and is directly downloaded to the machines to avoid any human error. The machining centers and software are capable of generating G codes to perform either 2D or 3D ...


Wire EDM Services

JNS Industries provides wire EDM services for close tolerance machining of parts required for the medical, dental and surgical industries. For short to medium production volumes, the submerged EDM cutting process is capable of cutting any conductive material regardless of the material’s hardness.

From a concept to a finished product, the employees at our Ontario, CA facility have the experience and knowledge to advise on each step of product’s life cycle. We use 3D modeling and CAD/CAM programming for rapid prototyping to ensure all design requirements are met prior to full production.

Laser Marking & Laser Welding

Laser Marking & Laser Welding Services

Laser Welding Services
JNS Industries provides laser welding services, including seam and spot welding, for filling voids and porosity in casting and forging materials. With regulated heat, our laser welder is capable of delivering spot of varying sizes from 0.001" to 0.015" in diameter. The clean and fast welds are superior to brazing with production costs comparable to other joining methods. Laser welding can fuse similar or dissimilar material, such as stainless steel and titanium, in an inert (Argon) atmosphere or in the presence of oxygen.

Laser Marking Services
JNS Industries offers complex, precise and accurate laser marking for product identification on steel, stainless steel and aluminum parts. ...

Metal Stampings

Metal Stamping Services

JNS Industries offers precision metal stamping services for light and medium duty materials that include steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Our 2 to 25 ton punch presses use single hit and progressive dies for stampings used in the medical, dental and surgical industries. Our flexible stamping process accommodates low to high volume production, with the capability of rapid prototyping.

The Ontario, CA facility uses a fully equipped in-house tool room to custom fabricate each metal stamping die set. Based on the customer design constraints, JNS Industries provides design analysis and die modifications to improve the functionality of the stampings’ end use. We offer a variety of finishing options that include bead ...


Induction & Torch Brazing

JNS Industries uses induction and torch brazing to join odd shaped and like and unlike materials that include stainless steels, mild steels and copper alloys.

Based on the design requirements, we have the experience to select the proper filler material that maximizes the strength and durability of the products.

We commonly work with cadmium free brazing materials such as silver braze alloys and copper phosphorous alloys.

Bead Blasting

Bead Blasting Services

JNS Industries provides bead blasting services for a variety of finishing applications that include:
  • Final finish prior to passivation
  • Removal of scales that result from heat treatments
  • Preparation for anodizing and painting processes
  • Fine and rough mesh aesthetic finishing


Surface Grinding Services

JNS Industries offers surface grinding for surface finishes ranging from 8-16 RMS, with 4 RMS available upon request.

We use a combination of automatic and manual surface grinders to achieve high volume production with expert craftsmanship.

Our Ontario, CA facility can receive outside parts, such as dies, that require maintenance and/or re-work projects.


Metal Polishing Services

JNS Industries provides metal polishing for high luster, mirror-like and satin finishes on high speed buffers.

We use sizall wheels prior buffering wheels in order to remove any imperfections.

With product samples, we are capable of matching any polishing finishes.

Assembled/Laser Marked Product

Secondary Services

As a single source for all production requirements, JNS Industries is capable of mechanical assembly, finishing, labeling and packaging. Whenever required, we offer the cost and time saving assembly of both customer supplied parts and in-house fabrications.

Based on the part designs, each product can receive any finishing requirements, such as plating, anodizing, passivation, powder coating and heat treatments. After the completion of the fabrication process, JNS Industries will custom label and package the parts for the convenience of a ready to use product.

With a sample label, we will source all material needed to replicate the design of the label, including colors, adhesives and bar coding. Along with foam and ...